AiBuild Token Economics
Deflationary Mechanisms
To maintain the scarcity and value of AI-Build Tokens, deflationary mechanisms can be introduced. For instance, a percentage of tokens used for accessing resources might be burned, effectively reducing the total token supply over time.
Smart Contract Audits
To ensure the security and reliability of the ecosystem, all smart contracts undergo thorough audits by reputable security firms. This minimizes the risk of vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious actors
Data Privacy
As the ecosystem involves sharing and utilizing AI models and datasets, data privacy is a critical concern. Encrypted data sharing mechanisms and decentralized identity management solutions can be implemented to protect the privacy of contributors and users
  • Tokenomics

Total Supply: 20,000,000

Token Sale: 15%
Development and Team: 20%
Community Incentives: 10%
Exchange listing (DEX&CEX) : 15%
Ecosystem Reserve: 20%


2023 - Q1
Foundation and Development
Establish the core team, advisory board, and partnerships. Launch a private testnet to evaluate platform performance and gather feedback from early contributors.
2024 - Q2
Marketplace Expansion
Launch the public mainnet of the AI-Build Token platform.
2024 - Q3
Collaboration Pools and Governance
Introduce collaboration pools, allowing developers to collectively stake tokens for collaborative AI projects.
Advanced Features and Scalingt
Expand resource staking options to include specialized hardware and premium datasets.
Global Adoption and Impact
Focus on expanding the ecosystem's user base on a global scale
Interoperability solution Communication between different blockchains
Bridge integration
Integration of AI solutions to provide more accurate data analysis on the network